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Craven Peyton Letter Facsimiles

In 1936-1937, the Morris Plan Bank of Virginia ran a promotion in which they produced and distributed approximately 50,000 high-quality facsimiles of a November 27, 1803, letter from Thomas Jefferson to Craven Peyton. In the letter, Jefferson requests an extension on payment of a debt: Facsimile of November 27, 1803, letter from Jefferson to Craven Peyton

If my note for 558.14 D paiable the 15th. of Dec. is still in your own hands, I should be very glad if it could be either postponed awhile or paid by monthly portions, as I find I shall be very hard pushed, during the next month. if however it is gone out of your hands I shall endeavor to make provision for it if possible. accept my friendly salutations and best wishes.

Envelope that often accompanies the Peyton letter facsimileBecause they are so finely made and printed on artificially-aged paper, these facsimiles are often mistaken for the original letter. The facsimiles are accompanied by small, modern-style envelopes, rather than the folded sheet of paper used as an address cover by Jefferson and other writers of the time period.

The original recipient copy of this letter is privately owned, and currently on deposit at the University of Virginia; Jefferson's press copy is also located at the University of Virginia.1

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