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African American Graveyard

African American Graveyard at Monticello

Map of the African American GraveyardIn 2001, archaeological investigations identified this site as a slave burial ground. Men, women, and children of Monticello’s African-American community are believed to have been buried here. Almost four hundred persons lived in slavery at Monticello over a sixty-year-period and well over forty graves are estimated to be within this area. Some of the graves have un-inscribed fieldstones at the head or foot, but most have no surviving markers.  

Aerial showing location of graveyard

Although the names of Monticello's enslaved residents are known, it has not been possible to identify where particular individuals were buried. No graves were disturbed in the course of the archaeological investigations.

The graveyard is located 250 feet to the southwest of the David M. Rubenstein Visitor Center.


Julian Bond Dedicates the African American Graveyard at Monticello on October 6, 2001


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